"Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may

have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you."
Colossians 3:13

Repair and Renew!

When others mistreat you it's easy to get more upset than you need to be. Stay calm and tell God how you feel. Praying and asking God to comfort you and understand why people are sometimes unkind will help you to see the misdeed in a different way. Try to look at the bright side. See what good you can make of it. Maybe you can learn how to repair something. Even a friendship can be saved when we practice forgiveness. You may learn more about why you should share God's love with others. God will help repair your damaged heart and renew a happy spirit within you.

It is very important we learn how to forgive. God forgives and forgets our misdeeds. We forget that we hurt God when we sin in any way. His love is unconditional for us. He does not get angry and turn His back on us. He understands and leads us back to doing what is right. Staying mad at someone will only cause pain in our hearts. This can make us to be bitter inside and hurt us in many ways. The Bible says to be quick to forgive others. Jesus forgave us quickly; we need to do the same for ourselves and others.

Gramma's Critters have learned a new lesson this week. She is helping them see that things are not so bad. Even though her Den was ransacked, she will look on the bright side. She is happy the Critters cleaned her Den. She has shown them how to mend what is broken. A few stitches on her favorite chair makes it almost good as new. Some glue to the teapot and cups and they will again be used for visitors to the Den. Gramma Cherbear knows life is too wonderful to spend time being angry over the misdeeds of others.

It is good to learn how to make good from bad. Looking to see what we can do to make things better will help our hearts to heal. Keeping our minds fixed on good will keep us happy and healthy too! When you feel yourself getting red hot with anger, remember to talk to God about the problem. Ask Him to show you what is good! It may be your time to show someone else the right way to act. When we forgive and forget we teach others about God's grace.

Gramma Cherbear www.cherbearsden.com

©2001 Cherbear

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