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"Go! stand in the temple courtyard, "the angel said.
"Tell the people all about this new life."

Acts 5:20

Pointing the Way
When great things happen to you, do you want to tell everyone you know? When you get a new toy, do you quickly show it to your friends? God wants you to feel the same way about His Son. You can point the way to God by telling others about Jesus. Invite someone to your Vacation Bible School or Church School.

When we tell other people about the new life God has prepared for us, it shows we love them. We want them to know He did not leave us alone. God gave His Son to point the way to a forever life with Him in heaven. He died on the cross so we can be forgiven of our sins. His free gift saved us from being seperated from God forever. All we have to do is receive the gift. Asking Jesus to live in our heart and be our Lord is the only way to God. If you would like to do that, you can pray like this:

Father God,

I understand that I do bad things. You call this sin. I ask You to fill my empty heart with Jesus. I believe that Jesus is Your Son. He was punished for my sins. He died for me on the cross because He loves me. My spirit is free! I ask Jesus to live in me. Please forgive the bad things I have done. Thank you for sending Your Holy Spirit to live inside of me. Help me to be like Jesus. Thank you God, for your wonderful plan. I am Your child! Jesus is my Lord and my very best Friend!


If you prayed this prayer and you asked Jesus to save you, He did! Now go tell your parents or your church school teacher, so they can guide your new life with God.

Gramma's Critters have something to share with the creatures in the Kid Cave Forest. They have good news to share. They are putting up signs to point the way. Liam Leapfrog will shout the good news as Cami Cub carries the banner through the forest. Because they are announcing Vacation Bible School at the Kid Cave, many will come. They will learn about a new life that was brought to the world by Jesus.

God wants us to shout the good news about Jesus to everyone. We are excited because we know how much He loves us. God wants us to tell others, Jesus came to save them and give them a new life!
©2000 Cherbear

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