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"The lamp of the LORD searches the spirit of a man,
it searches out his inmost being."

Proverbs 20:27

Search Through the Brush

Do you compare yourself with other people? Maybe a friend or someone you know is pretty in your eyes. So, you become unhappy with how you look. You have blonde hair but you really admire people with dark hair? You are too short or too tall? Too big or too little? God wants us to guard our hearts against this way of thinking. He wants you to be happy with how He has created you. He loves the way you look! He made you beautiful in His eyes.

God has made all of us special. He does not make mistakes. He is concerned about our hearts. He will help us to be the BEST we can be! God wants us to light up the world with His love! He is able to live through us when our hearts belong to Jesus. His lamp "searches through the brush." He wants to see the Fruit of His Spirit living in our hearts. He has a special plan for you. Keeping your eyes on how wonderful God is will help you follow His plan.

Does God's Great Love live in your heart?

Vacation Bible School was a big success. But, something has made Joshua Jackrabbit very sad. Many of the Kid Cave Forest creatures were very beautiful. He thinks he can never look so wonderful. Cami Cub and Emmi Squirrel are telling Joshua how wonderful he is in their eyes. Liam Leapfrog wants to tell him what a wonderful friend he is. Joshua will soon understand. He is perfect the way God made him. His friends will help him know how really special he is!

God looks past how we look. He closely searches our hearts to see if we love Him unconditionally, just like He loves us! He is concerned with the way we love other people too! He wants to know how we look on the inside. We can tell our friends we love who they are, not what they look like. Jesus can change how we think and how we act. Jesus is our best example of how we must look and act. When we live as He would have us live, we are beautiful and the best we can be.
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