"The stones will serve as a reminder to you.
In days to come, your children will ask you,
"What do these stones mean?"
Joshua 4:6

Stone Markers

Can you remember times when you've felt really close to God? When you were sad, did God bring comfort to you? Maybe you needed to be strong and He gave you strength? You were sick and He made you well. You were in trouble and He fixed your problem or maybe you were wrong and God showed you what was right. All of these times can be used as stone markers or "spiritual markers." They show how God has been with you in the past. They can lead you where God wants you in the future.

We all have spiritual markers. Praying and reading God's Word are the most important "stones" for guiding our path. We can know about God's promises when we read the Bible. The Bible will also help us understand His answers to our prayers. He always answers! Sometimes He says, "Yes." But sometimes, because He knows what is best, He say, "No" or "Wait awhile." Remembering how God helped us yesterday will make our faith grow stronger each day. We can share God with others.

The Critters are hiking through the Kid Cave Forest. Cami Cub and Joshua Jackrabbit have gone ahead to mark the trail for Emmi Squirrel and Liam Leapfrog. They have carefully placed stones on the path. The stone markers will remind them where they have come from. They will also show Emmi and Liam the right way to go.

Just like stone markers can show us the way to go in the forest, our "spiritual markers" can guides us in the way God wants us to go. He has special plans for us. The times when we know God is with us in a special way will help guide us in His plan. We can share our spiritual markers with others. He will use them to lead others to Him.


©2000 Cherbear


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