When we accept God's gift of His Son, Jesus, believing in Him as our personal Savior and Lord, the Bible tells us of many things about ourself and our life that become NEW as He sends His Holy Spirit to live in us. What happens when we make Jesus the Lord of our life? These six lessons will help us understand how much God wants to guide us and teach us with His Word, the Bible. He has a plan for every believer! He commands that we place Jesus first, other second, and ourselves third! Follow these Bible Study lessons and devotions to see how it's done!

Weekly Devotional Insights into the Bible for Christian Teenagers

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Tidbits for the soul!

New Life - It is Written

When you see the words "it is written" in your Bible text, be sure to go to the referral text when it is given! Your bible studies will be more revealing. These are purposely set for you to follow. God wants to feed you the spiritual 'solid food' of His Word, but He wants you to be hungry for it. If all you want is the 'milk' and 'cereal' spiritual babies are content with, you will not grow into spiritual maturity. When you start to get the 'solid food' of the Word, God's revelation to you, the Bible will come alive. God will give you a deeper understanding of Himself.

New Life Bible Study - Casting Out the Line

Gospel for Teens and PreTeens pages from Gramma Cherbear

This Week's Bible Memory Verse 

"But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use
have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil."
Heb. 5:14