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"Weekly Biblical Insights Devotions" are for teens desiring to study the Bible with fresh views, relating what they find to the problems as well as the joys of living every day life. You'll find one weekly teen devotion for each of the Teen Trails of Truth for Youth Bible Studies. They can be used with the curriculum or as a separate learning base. Each Devotional Insight comes with a Bible Memory Verse, five Daily Teen Devotions, and and link to the lesson it is designed for.

Weekly Devotional for Teenagers

Christian Biblical Insights Cavern

Tidbits for Your SoulTeen Devotional

These short weekly devotions are for teenagers and come to you from the Teen Cave at Cherbear's Den. They are designed for use in the Trails of Truth for Youth Bible Study.

The study links are also found at the bottom of each lesson

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What's New when we Know Jesus!

Happy New Year!

It is Written ***** New Life, Casting Out the Line

Boundaries ***** New Direction, Seeking the Right Path

Spiritual Healing ***** New Attitude, Hiking With a Partner

Spiritual Senses ***** New Vision, Flying With the Eagles

Like little children! ***** New Creature, Ready for Quick Turns

Whose Righteousness? ***** New Beginnings, Rise and Shine

Valentine's Day

Hearts Cry ***** God's Search, Hide and Go Seek

Agape Love ***** God's Love, Rescued From the Water

Our Inheritance ***** Ten Commandments #1 / Balancing on a Log

Freedom Slaves ***** Ten Commandments #2 / Only One Conductor

Commands not Request ***** Ten Commandments # 3 / Swimming Upstream

Curses and Blessings ***** Ten Commandments #4 / A Restful Escape

Spiritual Eyes and Ears ***** Ten Commandments #5 / Helping Hands

Dying to be Poplular? ***** Ten Commandments #6 / Tossing the Life Line

Integrity Brings Peace ***** Ten Commandments #7 / Receiving a Badge of Honor

Is Ignorance Bliss? ***** Ten Commandments #8 / Look Before You Leap

Bury Your Head ***** Ten Commandments #9 / Campfire Tails and Fish Stories

Heavenly Vision ***** Ten Commandments #10 / Home Sweet Home

Christian Behaviors

Divine Thoughts ***** Mischief in Gramma Cherbear's Den

Cast the First Stone ***** Repair and Renew!

Out of the Darkness ***** Help for the Wanderer

Kindred Spirits ***** The Buddy System

Under the table! ***** Hiding Behind the Lily Pad

Stormy Weather ***** Peace in the Meadow

Power Unto Salvation ***** Pointing the Way

Ugly Duckling? ***** Searching through the Brush

Valued Conversation ***** Stand Firm With the Oak! pt 1

Hide or Confront? ***** Stand Firm With the Oak! pt 2

Tip Your Hat to God? ***** Stand Firm With the Oak! pt 3

Halloween Alternative

Torch of Freedom ***** The Campfire Lights the Darkness pt 1

Safe Passage ***** The Campfire Lights the Darkness pt 2


Go Tell, Not Yell ***** Watch the Sunset pt 1

Bad Moon Rising ***** Watch the Sunset! pt 2


Light in the Distance ***** Charting the Course

Christ in Christmas ***** Star Light, Star Bright

Christian Family Devotional

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