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My children, come. Listen to me.
I will teach you to have respect for the Lord.
Psalms. 34:11
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God's Forever Umbrella

Gramma Cherbear shares the message of salvaton!

written and illustrated by and ©2000 Gramma Cherbear


Below is the circle of time. Look at it carefully.
Now, make a mental note of where on this circle God began.
Where will God end?
What's the problem?
Answer: There is no beginning and no end to God.
All time is "now" for God!
God has always been and will always be!
Let's call this God's forever circle!
We have a beginning but if Jesus lives in our ,
we do not have an end. Through Jesus alone,
God invites us into that circle to live with Him in heaven forever.
Now, let's change the shape of that circle into God's Umbrella!
The circles beneath the umbrella we will call the world.
Who is Jesus?

The earth belongs to the LORD,
and so does everything in it.
The world belongs to him.
And so do all those who live in it.
Psalm 24:1
Everyone and everything was made
by God and belongs to Him.
The inner spirit or of
all people became separated from God
when Adam and Eve chose to disobey God.
They allowed sin to come into the world.
They were fooled by Satan in the Garden of Eden!
All people in the world were lost!
God could not look at the sins of His creation!
The Bible says this about Jesus:
"All things were created by him...
Everything was created by him and for him.
He created everything in heaven and on earth...
He holds everything together."
Colossians 1:16
What did God Do?
"God loved the world so much that
He gave his one and only Son.
Anyone who believes in Him will not die
but will have eternal life."
John 3:16
God always knew man would need a Savior.
God's son Jesus is our Savior!
The of God is great!
He did not leave us alone.
He sent His Son Jesus to save us!
Jesus suffered and died on a cross.
God gave the life of His Son as an umbrella of His Grace!
God protects us from the evil ways of the world and Satan!
Jesus is God..Jesus is the Lord!
What did He show us?
God said,
"I am going to have to send my Son Jesus to save lost people.
They do not know Me!"
"The Son of Man came to look for the lost and save them."
Luke 19:10
Jesus was God's way for us to come back to Him!
Grace means that we do not deserve to be forgiven of sins,
but He loves us no matter what we do
and wants us to be His children!
Jesus is always looking for people
to come to Him to be saved!
"I have come into the world to be a light.
No one who believes in me will stay in darkness."
John 12:46
He gave us the Word of God -
The Bible to guide us.
His Holy Spirit helps us know Him!
He shows us how we can have
our spirit connected to God the Father!
What did Jesus do for us?
Jesus died on the cross.
He was raised from death into a new life
with God the Father into heaven!
He made our way back to God...He did not sin...
but He took all of the punishment for us....
God the Father can see us without seeing our sins.
Jesus Christ won the battle for us!
"He wins the battle for us because of
what our Lord Jesus Christ has done."
1 Corinthians 15: 57
We live in a world where Satan also lives.
Hurt, pain, evil, and sickness are still here
and they effect us everyday.
Jesus sent His Holy Spirit into the world and
He will stay close to us at all times.
He brings comfort, joy and peace to the world for us.
We need to live with the Fruits of God's Spirit in our


What do we have to do?
How do we become children of God...
with our spirit connected to His?
Jesus replied, "What I am about to tell you is true.
No one can see God's Kingdom without being born again."
If a person stands before other people
and says he believes in me,
then I will say that he belongs to me.
I will say this before my Father in heaven."
John 3:3
Believe in God's Son and receive the
free gift of eternal life with God...
Accept the New Life Jesus gave us!
He wants us to be sure to tell someone
what He has done! Jesus Lives! Jesus Saves!
Please pray with me!
Father God,
I understand that I do bad things. You call this sin. I ask You to fill my empty heart with Jesus. I believe that Jesus is Your Son. He was punished for my sins. He died for me on the cross because He loves me. He lives again. Please forgive the bad things I have done. Thank you for sending Your Holy Spirit to live inside of me. Help me to be like Jesus. Thank you God, for your wonderful plan. I am Your child! Jesus is my Lord and my very best Friend!
If you prayed this prayer and asked Jesus to come into your heart,
please tell your church school teacher or Pastor that you did.
They will want to guide you in God's Word!

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